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Charlotte’s Dream is a traditional point and click adventure game, in the style of such classics as Monkey Island or Legend of Kyrandia. The game is a love letter to the adventure games of old like free jumble solver and other scrabble games. I started working on it when I was only 12 years old, on the Commodore Amiga. Now more than 20 years later, I have decided to realize the vision of my 12-year old self. All the old limitations are now gone, and the technology has much approved. Charlotte’s Dream has improved with it. I also started a twitter program which helps users to download twitter video from

While the game still stays true to its retro look, the interface has been updated to modern expectations. It is quick and responsive, and much easier to use than the games from my childhood.

The game includes many features that cross over into role playing territory. Charlotte’s Dream features a leveling system, with a literal skill tree. The player is rewarded for finding clues, items and solving puzzles, which grant experience points. When the player “levels up”, the player earns a skill point, which can be used to buy a new power. These powers assist the player in solving more puzzles.

The game also features a simple crafting system. Exploration is rewarded with finding crafting materials (which appear randomly throughout the world). Players must also solve bonus puzzles, to unlock crafting recipes. These allow the player to craft so called “relics”, which enable the player to approach puzzles from a whole new angle. You will never need a walk through for Charlotte’s Dream, because the relic are tools to discover the solution for yourself.

Puzzles can be approached in numerous ways. From very simple, to very complicated. If the player ever finds himself struggling with a particular puzzle, he can always craft himself a helpful relic, or choose a skill to help him with that puzzle.

Furthermore, the game features hand drawn pixelated graphics, and animated cut scenes. The game will also feature multiple endings.

The game will also be color blind friendly. This means that any puzzles that rely on colors, have a special color blind option to make them accessible for players with that disability. All the backgrounds in the game will also be tested to make sure that they are readable for color blind players.